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by viproadmin

Welcome to the Vivien Support Forum!

This online Forum is designed to support those wishing to undertake similar projects, or have an interest in discussing the methodologies of Vivien, but also to disseminate Vivien’s results beyond the 4 partner countries.

In particular it is addressed to:
– professionals in various sectors (health, education, social work, police, justice, etc.) who are in contact with women victims of violence, directly or indirectly;
– activists of anti-violence centers and women’s associations interested in preventing and combating violence;
– trainers working on the issue of gender violence.

The Support Forum is in the form of a classic Forum to allow debate and exchange between interested people and to make visible what is being discussed and gradually discovered in the Vivien project.
We ask you if possible to write in English, in order to make it useful to people from different European countries.
Otherwise in the following languages: Italian, Croatian, Finnish, Bulgarian, Spanish and French.

The Support Forum can be used within the theme of gender violence, with particular attention to disability, to:

– ask for further information on research and training done in Vivien
– ask methodological questions about training and its results
– stimulate more general reflections on the topic
– inform about similar projects, bibliographies or useful research
– ask for clarification on Vivien and its results, to set up similar projects.

Thank you for your cooperation in increasing the effectiveness of training in preventing and combating gender-based violence.

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